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Adaptive Behavior & Personal Competence

"Each mind has its own method"

- Emerson

IAP and the MindHub™ believe that appropriate assessments and interventions in the lives of individuals requires the conceptualization of research and applied activities in the context of larger conceptual frameworks.  Dr. Kevin McGrew has completed a program of research that has investigated human intelligence and adaptive behavior within the context of Greenspan’s Model of Personal Competence.  This model is presented in the figure below and was published in:



Dr. McGrew and colleagues were the first to publish a series of empirical studies that supported Greenspan’s model of personal competence that is at the core of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) manual for the identification and classification of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  These personal competence and adaptive behavior publications can be found a the MindHub™ Books and Articles section.