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Applied Psychometrics

"Whenever you can, count"

-Sir Francis Galton

Psychometrics is the field of study in psychology that uses theory and techniques of psychological and educational measurement.  Applied psychometrics is concerned with bridging developments from measurement theory to the construction and validation of applied practical measurement instruments.

applied-psychometricsIQCApplied psychometrics is a unique focus of IAP and the MindHub™.  We have experience and expertise in the application of item response theory (IRT) measurement techniques, multivariate statistics, and structural equation modeling (SEM) methods to educational and psychological issues and problems.

A number of special applied psychometric research reports, briefs, on-line SlideShare Power Point presentations, and web-based Mind Map resources are available for download or for on-line web page viewing at the MindHub™ Special Reports and Publications section. Visit IQ’s Corner for new and future reports.